Bulletin Notices for February 9, 2020

HANDS OF GRACE isin need of canned pasta such as spaghettios, beefaroni, etc… also juice, any flavor, but especially apple. Thank you.    

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, February 15th, 4:30pm –7:00pm. Singles and Couples Special Adult Valentine Dinner!  Snow date: Sunday, February 16th, same time.  Please be sure to sign up in the narthex.  Invite guests to “come and see” as we celebrate God’s love together.  Natalie and Emily Jury are arranging childcare in the Sunday School Room for the children who attend that class as well as their toddler siblings!  This is a wonderful opportunity for young couples to come out for a night of good food, fun and fellowship and have their children cared for nearby!  You could also sign-up by emailing Cheryl Lowman at  cheryl.cassady@yahoo.com.

NOVEMBER 2019 Council meeting minutes are in the wall box in the narthex. 

PASTOR MANOR IS ON VACATION … for his daughter Marissa’s wedding in Fort Wayne, IN.  He returns on Tuesday. If you are in need of pastoral care while he is away, please contact Pastor Mongeau, the church office, or a member of the Board of Elders.

DAUGHTERS OF FAITH will meet February 29th, 2:00 – 3:30pm. We will continue our study of “Fruits of the Spirit” with this month’s focus on God’s spiritual fruit of “Joy”!  We will be making our own sundaes as a special treat!  All girls welcome!  This month we will meet on the 5th Saturday versus the usual 4th Saturday. 

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